Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dara Puspita

I haven't posted much 60's garage yet, so next I give you the super-cute all girl Indonesian garage band Dara Puspita. These fuzzy garage pop tracks are infectious to say the least, they were Indonesia's most successful girl band of the 60's. Apparently there were many popular female singers in Indonesia during this time, but they all relied on backup bands for their albums. Each member of Dara Puspita played their own instrument and also wrote their own songs, with apparent heavy influences from the Stones and the Beatles whose music was banned in Indonesia during this time. Here is four tracks from their album A Go Go, with a couple tracks being in English and the other two tracks in Indonesian. "A Go Go," the title track is probably my favorite, but they're all really good. "To Love Somebody" and "Believe Me" are sung in English, and "Aku Tetap Sadar" in Indonesian.

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