Thursday, July 29, 2010

Crunk Junk Vol. 5

Here's the latest edition of the Crunk Junk series for all you fiends out there. I've always posted these mixes mainly for people I work with and a few other furls, but it seems they're being downloaded just as much as everything else on the blog- go figure. So I've decided to post them with full playlist listings and some insight into the highlights of each mix. I've been putting these mixes together going on about 4 years to listen to in the kitchen (work), we used to have competitions on who could find the most ridiculous underground hip-hop tracks. From this spawned a full fledged addiction like fiends on crack- I collect all the new leaks off mixtapes and compile my favorites to make these mixes. Usually these mixes are filled with the usual suspects who sell beats like dope, putting out new shit almost weekly. This includes OJ, Gucci and Three 6 who never fail to deliver. Vol. 5 also brings us a strong return of that furl Project Pat with the club track "Dreads Shakin' Wild As Hell" and a killer remix of "Burglar Bars." Here's the playlist along with Juicy J's tag line: "Play me some pimpin' mane!"

Bricks, Ounces, Dueces- OJ Da Juiceman & Mook
Imma Get It- Paul Wall Feat. Bun B, Kid Sister
Fill My Cup- G. Chill ft. Supa Villain
Midget- OJ da Juiceman
Makin' Plays- Frayser Boy, Gucci Mane & Criminal Manne
Popin and Chiefin- Screwww
Burnt Orange- OJ Da Juiceman
Blow Me A Stack- Juicy J
Dreads Shaking Wild As Hell- Project Pat
Hoe Pulla- Juicy J, Project Pat & V Slash
20, 40- OJ Da Juiceman
Texas Gangsta- DJ Screw
Get It In- Tity Boi
What Ya Doing- Dre day
Middle Of Da Club- Jackie Chain
Ga Damn I Need Some Money- Juicy J
Vampire- Gucci Mane & Trina
Bet Yo Bankroll- Yo Yo Munie & Juicy J
Burglar Bars (Remix)- Project Pat

Vol. 5

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Latin Blends Vol. 1

I've been diggin' the Latin flava lately since I've been attempting to learn Spanish this summer. So here's a mix I put together of some of my favorite old-school Latino sounds from my collection. Almost every base is covered here, from psych to funk to traditional Latin music. I like making these mixes because I can post many tracks I'd probably never get around to posting, such as obscure 45s. The list includes classic gangsta low-rider anthems such as Malo's "Suavecito" and the Turks' "I'm A Fool." Also included are original garage tracks from Thee Midniters and Cannibal and the Headhunters along with a couple seminal heavily sampled funk tracks "Hector" by the Village Callers and "Mango Meat" by Mandrill. I also threw in the power psych rocker "Only Good For Conversation" off Cold Fact by Rodriguez. Let's also not forget about "Can't Be A Lie" by Los Mockers, one of my favorite tracks right now. Here's the playlist, enjoy:

Escuchame, Alumbrame- Los Gatos
Shains a Go Go- Los Shains
Strange World- Cannibal & the Headhunters
Mango Meat- Mandrill
Only Good For Conversation- Rodriguez
Soul Drummers 45- Ray Barretto
I'm A Fool- The Turks
Guajira Sicodelica- Los Destellos
The Town I Live In- Thee Midniters
Rompan Todo- Los Shakers
All Day Music- War
Searching For Love- Ray Jay and the Eastsiders
Can´t Be A Lie- Los Mockers
Stone Cold Picnic- Mongo Santamaria
Sombras De Tu Recuerdo- Los Angeles Negros
I Found A Peanut- Thee Midniters
The Fat Man- Cannibal & the Headhunters
Dos Guitarras- Los 4 Planetas
Suavecito- Malo
Free And Easy- Disturbas
Changing The Colors Of Life- Los Chijuas
Hector- The Village Callers
The Party's Over- The Latin Souls

Vol. 1

Monday, July 26, 2010


Here's an insanely funky electro soul burner out of the San Fran area to liven your Monday woes. This dusty homemade joint is by Prophet, a virtually unknown practitioner of funk, off his album Right On Time which is speculated to have been made around the mid-80s. I picked this up in cyberspace somewhere, but I can't remember where- there's little info about this record besides how ridiculously dope it is. The highlight track is "Right On Time" which can be listened to below. This will tide you over until I drop a couple new mixes this week: the new Crunk Junk Vol. 5 and a Latin funk/garage/psych mix-up.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Budos Band

Here's the '05 debut self-titled album of Staten-Island's The Budos Band, the 10-piece Afro-beat soul instrumental outfit of Daptone Records. The band refers to their style as "Afro-soul" due to the undercurrents of Ethiopian soul mixed with some sweet 60s stuff sprinkled on top. Due to the older horns and instruments they use this album could of been made in the 60s due to its lo-fi sound. In other words this is very original shit and it is jammin'- I just picked up tickets to their show on Sept. 3rd in Portland, so I suggest you do the same if you're around. Highlights include "Up From The South" and "Sing A Simple Song" which is a cover of the Noble Nights. Budos' second album Budos Band II is equally as good if not better, I'll be posting it eventually along with their new album Budos Band III which is dropping on August 10th...
Ghost Walk

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Socrates Drank The Conium

Still ridin' strong on some psychedelic sounds, they always seem to find their way back into my rotation during the summertime. Especially these two albums of heavy prog psych madness by Socrates Drank The Conium, Greece's creative answer to the copious influences of such bands as Jimi, Cream, and Black Sabbath during the late 60s and early 70s. But the insane guitar playing of Socrates' guitarist Yannis Spathas elevates them above many who attempt to navigate the realms of progressive music. So I give to you in my opinion their two best albums: their '72 self-titled debut which concentrates on a more bluesy/psychedelic voyage and their third album On The Wings which is heavier and darker. Socrates' frontman Antonis Tourkoyorgis sometimes strained vocals are hokey at times, but this only adds to the ingenuity of a band who has long been overlooked. Let's also not forget Greece was a dictatorship during this period, which probably explains the straight forward lyrical content and anti-establishment song titles. It is also possible that if it weren't for the circumstances, Greece could of given us Socrates Drank The Conium back in the day instead of Yanni. Enjoy...
Socrates Drank The Conium
On The Wings

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Moving Sidewalks

Just picked up an unreleased track "Stay Away" by the Moving Sidewalks sparking a full fledged reminder of how good their first and only album Flash sounds. Of course most of you know this is where Billy Gibbons and Dan Mitchell of ZZ Top made their start in music in Texas back in '68. This is heavy psych at its finest- the influences of their fellow Texas denizens Roky Erickson and the 13th Floor Elevators combined with their friend and tour mate Jimmi Hendrix are very evident. Legend has it the Sidewalks opened for the Elevators in Houston the night Roky was arrested on stage after the first couple songs of their set. By the way if you haven't seen You're Gonna Miss Me, the documentary about the life of Roky, I highly suggest you do. It's also full of interesting interviews with Billy Gibbons. Anyway, here's the remastered album with a couple bonus tracks including their rad cover of "I Want To Hold Your Hand" by the Beatles. The whole album has no fillers, my favorites are the album's single "99th Floor," and "Need Me," "Flashback," and the wicked "Crimson Witch." I'm also throwing in the unreleased track "Stay Away." If you've never heard this prepare to get your mind blown...
You Make Me Shake

Monday, July 19, 2010

J.J. Jackson

Finally back after my getaway up to Canada, it's completely understood now that the big country to the north is not quite ready for the furl mentality. Picked up some records on my trip so stay tuned in. Here's the legendary soul belter J.J. Jackson's album But It's All Right! from '66. Mr. Jackson is most known for his northern soul hit "But It's All Right" which was actually recorded in England. It reached #22 on Billboard that year cementing it as a classic soul track. But this is only the tip of what Jackson has to offer, like hits such as "Come And See Me (I'm Your Man)" which will be later covered by the Pretty Things. I'm also throwing in the bonus track "Oo-Ma-Liddi" when he performed with the Jackaels back in the day. I first discovered J.J. on Lux Interior's L.A. famed radio show compilation The Purple Knif Show which I suggest picking up if you haven't yet. Enjoy...
I Dig Girls

Monday, July 12, 2010

Furl Girls Vol. 1

Really had some fun with this mix- here's a playlist of all female girl groups and singers which I've recently thrown together for your listening pleasure. Most of my favorites are on this mix- from Dottie Cambridge to Helene Smith, it's a slew of obscurities and classics woven together for your lofty earholes. This is just the tip of the iceberg, so if you like it leave some comments and Vol. 2 will be just around the corner. Here's the playlist:

I've Got Reasons- Mary Jane Hooper
I Am Controlled By Your Love- Helene Smith
Mean Man- Betty Harris
Sweet Inspiration- The Sweet Inspirations
Three Roses- Starfires
Take Me Home- Donna King
All The Way Down- Etta James
Blind Alley- The Emotions
Check Me Out- Little Denice
Don't Make Good Girls Go Bad- Della Humphrey
He's About A Mover- Dottie Cambridge
I Can't See Nobody- Nina Simone
I Can't Stand The Rain- Ann Peebles
I Don't Want Nothin' Old But Money- Laura Lee
I'm In Love- The Fascinations
Break-A-Way- Irma Thomas
Jumpin Jack Flash- Thelma Houston
Little Things Mean A Lot- Spanky Wilson
Make Me Believe In You- Patti Jo/Black Science
My Destination Is True Love- Johnnie Mae Matthews
My Love Is Commin Down- Ruby Andrews
Nothing But A Heartache- The Flirtations
Someone Else's Arms- Barbara Acklin
The Slow Fizz- The Sapphires
Trouble- Foxy
Bar-B-Q- Wendy Rene
You Gotta Push- Jodi Gales
You Touch Me- The Lullabyes

Furl Girls Vol. 1

Thee Midniters

Here's the famed Chicano Rock of East LA's Thee Midniters. This compilation In The Midnite Hour!!! released in '06 makes the best selections from their catalog, it's a combination of their originals like the killer instrumental "Whittier Blvd" and covers such as "Land of A Thousand Dances" and "Devil With A Blue Dress." Thee Midniters brought a whole new sound to the garage rock culture back in the 60s, think the energy and sound of the Sonics combined with Chicano and surf flavors. A really fun record to say the least- this will get folks dancin' in no time. Check out one of my favorites off the album "I Found A Peanut." Enjoy...
Love Special Delivery

Les Variations

Les Variations were one of the first big French bands to make waves in the States and in the international market. Their heavy style earned them a couple record deals in the States later in their career, but I really dig their early stuff off France's Pathe Records. Interestingly enough three of the four original members of the band are Moroccan Jews, so there is some Middle Eastern flavor within their sound. Here's their debut album Nador from '69 along with a couple of separate tracks "What's Happening..." and "I Was Down" which you can listen to below and download if you so choose.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

5 P.M.

Have a listen to "Auburn Red." Great garage psych from around '68. Apparently 5 P.M. hailed from Boston. Don't have any more info about the band or an album cover, so I borrowed an image from FFFFOUND to add to your listening pleasure...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jorge Ben

More summertime goodness for ya, here's Jorge Ben's '71 album Negro e Lindo or "Black is Beautiful" which is a lesser known album if you're familiar with Jorge. This album was released during the exciting Tropicalia movement, focusing more on sweeping acoustic sounds and Jorge's amazing voice. This album was also arranged by our friend Arthur Verocai who was posted a while back. I'm also throwing in Jorge's track "Cuidado Com O Bulldog" as a bonus- it contains a some great interchanging guitar freak-outs with a typical Jorge Ben laid back sound. A must have, enjoy...
Cassius Clay

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bronx River Parkway

It's been a while, it's finally summer here- trips to the computer are becoming less and less frequent. But that doesn't mean I'll stop posting more hot shit for ya, everyone needs a soundtrack for this summer. Keeping with this theme, here's some killer Puerto Rican funk with a soul edge for your summertime escapades. Truth and Soul Records' Bronx River Parkway out of NY traveled down to PR in '05 and recorded this album in a 200 year-old schoolhouse make-shift studio. They recorded San Sebastian 152 in only eight days. Highlights include "Nora Se Va" and "La Valla." Enjoy...
Mi Corazon