Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This bizarre track is still blowing my mind, I can't stop listening to it. "Witch Woman" is the B side to a weird cover of "Great Balls of Fire" by Nightmare, a French and apparently fucking insane band- insanely rad that is. Thanks to the great blog crotchbat for leading me to this dandy... Play loud!

ZZ Top

ZZ Top's third album Tres Hombres released in '73 still remains a timeless classic, forget about the catchy pop hooks and lyrics of "Legs" and "Gimmie All Your Lovin'" that you heard on your local classic rock stations millions of times. This was way before the beards and fuzzy novelty guitars- it's just three dudes from Texas who created some serious dope Americana sound. I'm moving down to Austin in a couple months which is probably why this album keeps creeping back into my rotation. Soon I'll be burnin' up in that Texas heat and drinking massive amounts of Tecate listening to "Shiek" and "Waitin' For The Bus/Jesus Just Left Chicago" on repeat. Here's the album, if you like check out Tejas and Rio Grande Mud also. Enjoy...
La Grange

Monday, June 28, 2010

Eldridge Holmes

Eldridge Holmes is another mostly unheard of singer out of the Nola. He was produced by the legendary Allen Toussaint throughout most of the 60s, releasing a pretty long string of singles into the mid-70s. His style is like a rawer, less formal Johnny Adams who had more commercial success in the Nola during this period. Here's two of my favorite Holmes tracks, the dance hit "Pop Popcorn Children" and the slowed down groover "Without A Word" which contains some great horns. Enjoy...

Saint Vitus

Brutal,heavy snail-paced power chords? Saint Vitus. One of the originators of killer doom metal? Saint Vitus. Loudest ear popping show I've ever heard at the Satyricon in Portland? Saint Vitus. Death, destruction, heavy alcohol consumption, psychedelic drugs and dragons? Saint Vitus. Living in L.A. during the 80's and giving the middle finger to all the shitty glam bands while staying true to their nostalgic doom sound? Saint fucking Vitus. I think you get the point. Grow some balls and put this in your earholes, this is what metal is supposed to sound like- Born Too Late from '87.
Thirsty And Miserable

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It's been a while since I've posted some novelty tomfoolery, so prepare for the 1970 debut self-titled album by Attila- the two-piece band of Jon Small and Billy Joel. Yes, that's right, the "Piano Man" and "We Didn't Start The Fire" Billy Joel. It's hard to imagine and almost comforting to know that Billy wasn't always completely lame, that is to say if you like ridiculous Hammond B3 organ trading with heavy drums and psychedelic riffs. Billy has labeled this album "Psychedelic Bullshit" which has only intensified my love for it, apparently he has tried to stop all production of the album and deny it's existence. This upsets me considering this the best work he has ever done- by far. The story gets even better, Attila broke up because Billy ran off with Small's wife. So even if Billy wants to run from his roots of being as I like to call him the "psychedelic butcher," (what the fuck is up with the meat all over the album cover?) don't be afraid to listen to this little sordid piece of rock history. By the way, it's pretty fucking good all things considered. Highlights include "Brain Invasion" and "Wonder Woman." Enjoy...
Only The Good Die Young

Monday, June 21, 2010

Crunk Junk Vol. 4

Vol. 4 is here for all you fiends, could be the best one yet. Gucci!
Trap Spot

Thursday, June 17, 2010

DJ Z-Trip & DJ P

This mix album Uneasy Listening Vol. 1 released in '01 by DJ Z-Trip and DJ P is the foundation of the mash-up genre, they made the album in a week using all vinyl. Not only is it one of the best party albums of all time, it's also very nostalgic due to the wide array of shitty and dope samples they mash together. Examples include Bruce Hornsby over the beat of Newcleus' "Jam On It" and Pharcyde over Pat Benetar's "Love Is A Battlefield"- if you can imagine what that sounds like. Also included is Rush, Midnight Oil and yes- Phil Collins to name a few all mixed over different breakbeats. Let's also not forget the killer samples from films such as The Warriors and Star Wars also interwoven into this over the top shit. Only 1000 official copies are in existence, with most of the other mp3 downloads containing the wrong gaps making it pretty tough to find a good copy. My version should work properly unless winrar fucks it up somehow- let me know if it works. This is essential for every taste in music, there's something for everybody on Uneasy Listening, check it...
Part 1
Part 2

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Finally after a 20 year hiatus, the De-Evolution is back with their 9th studio album Something For Everybody released yesterday. This is the retail version which is available in stores, while their other experimental "Song Study Version With Fan Favorites" 12 track version is only available on itunes. The two albums differ only by four tracks since there were only 17 to chose from. It's silly to say the least, but I don't really give a shit- whatever they decide to do is fine with me considering it's impossible for Devo to fuck up in my eyes. So I've taken the liberty to include their single "Watch Us Work It" which was released a couple years back that's only available on the itunes version. Now if that wasn't confusing enough for you, the album is little heavier and almost industrial in many aspects- but it's growing on me since yesterday. "Fresh," "Sumthin'," and "Cameo" are my initial highlights, but that's the beauty of Devo- they grow on you like a fungus. So put this in your earholes and let me know what you think...
Don't Shoot(I'm A Man)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


If Al Green was gangsta this is what it would sound like. Darondo's '06 release on Ubiquity records Let My People Go is a re-issue compilation of all his early 70s cuts that slipped into obscurity. An apparent ex-pimp from the bay area, Darondo could be seen rolling around San Fran in his white Rolls Royce hanging with Filmore Slim. This record is some real superfly shit, I suggest you listen up if you haven't already. Two standouts are "Legs" and one of my favorite soul tracks "Didn't I" which is one of the smoothest, silkiest tracks ever produced. Enjoy...
Listen To My Song

Monday, June 14, 2010

Big Boi

Epic shit. This album drops in July, here's the latest leak "General Patton." Don't sleep, everything I've heard off Chico Dusty so far is insane...

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Drag Set/The Open Mind

A little late night garage history for ya, here's two joints out of England by the group first known as The Drag Set who put out one killer 45 on Strike Records "Day and Night"/"Get Out of My Way" in '67. Following this release they became The Open Mind and dropped this single "Magic Potion" in '69, a perfect drugged-out late night jam with the lyrics How do you feel?... I FEEL FINE! Both of these tracks are classics, do yourself a favor and get em'...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Helene Smith

While most people would consider Betty Wright the queen of Miami soul, let's not forget about the contributions of one of my favorite soul singers Helene Smith. This album Helene Smith Sings Sweet Soul (1964-1972) is a collection of her rare passionate ballads and soul burners. Her ability to capture both power and passion on top of her producers deep-soul sometimes funky cuts puts her among the best underrated singers of the period. Highlights include "I'm Controlled By Your Love" and "Willing And Able," two simply arranged harmonized love tracks which still remain the wifey's and my favorite songs to listen to together. Anyway, if you like old soul- this album is essential...
Thrills And Chills

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Finally getting back to reality after my week of vacation, and there's not a better way to return than with the hard psych Spanish rockers Smash. Smash was formed in '67 by sitar player Gualberto who recorded two killer albums Glorieta de los Lotos and We Come To Smash This Time in the early 70s. Imagine the Pretty Things playing psychedelic acid rock with sitars and wailing, backward guitars- you might be getting close to the sound of Smash. Here's a little taste off their album Glorieta de los Lotos titled "One Hopeless Whisper" along with their full second album We Come To Smash This Time which is my favorite. Smash is definitely one of Spain's best exports, check this shit out and enjoy...

Don't Be Sad Baby

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Here's some more Australian history, but this time it's in the Metal category which I haven't been posting much of lately. So now I give you the pure filthy fuck-you metal of Buffalo. Not only is Sydney's Buffalo one of Australia's most underrated bands and one of the first bands to produce Metal on the continent, they also fucking rip. Fans of Sabbath, Pentagram, etc. will shit themselves during the first listening of their best work aptly titled Volcanic Rock released in '73. Killer, good old-school riffs make this album playable all the way through- check out "Sunrise(Come My Way)" and "Till My Death" for starters. And let's not forget the phallic album cover which places these assholes on the next level of furldom. So crack open that Schlitz Malt Liquor can you've had in your fridge for a year and play this shit real loud...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Captain Sky

It's my distinct pleasure to introduce the newest contributor to Furl Tracks, American Bandstand himself Mr. Dick Clark. He will be posting now occasionally to fill the obvious voids, so here he is:
Yes yes ya'll, we are gonna jump right on in with some funky disco goodness out of the windy city area. Captain Sky had a short lived career riding the P-Funk wave of boogie, bass and platform shoes, however in that short span he created "Super Sporm," which went on to be sampled by Public Enemy, BDP, and others. Anyway, as the Captain himself put it, climb on in the phone booth of your mind and tune in!

Super Sporm

Willie and the Bumblebees

I Have taken a brief hiatus from the blog since I've been out of town, now I'm revitalized and ready to bring some serious shit- Minnesota shit that is. Willie and the Bumblebees' release Honey From the Bee is a giant pot mixed with jazz, blues, R'n'R, and even some reggae ingredients to create a unique blend of weird northern funk. These furls also possess a good sense of humor which can be heard in the tracks "After My Hard On Is Gone" and "Spill That Gravy," but the true highlights are the title track, "Shoot Straight" and "Dipstick." Dig up that old-school feeling you miss and let the Bumblebees in, you won't be disappointed...
Honey From the Bee