Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Well, it's Christmas again. I've posted three completely different stocking stuffers that are sure to fit your mood this holiday season. If you have the Christmas spirit, Run-DMC's "Christmas in Hollis" is for you. I can still remember waking up on Christmas day in the 80's and seeing this classic video on MTV. If you're the Grinch this year and are convinced that Christmas is chalked full of mass consumerism to fuel our greedy capitalistic society then I would listen to Fear's "Fuck Christmas." Thanks to the blog of all blogs the Hearse for this track. Lastly, if you're just a straight up pervert or sick fucker then you will thoroughly enjoy one of my personal hero's takes on XXX-Mas. "Jingle Fuckin' Bells" by Blowfly describes one dirty-ass Santa. Happy Holiday's Bitches!


  1. Yo, nice selection, maybe add this one in just to round the shit off. Merry Mothafuckin Christmas furl.

    Gucci Mane in the building!

  2. If you like xmas in hollis, then you'll love
    "Back door Santa"- Clarence"Patches"Carter

  3. Nice anonymous... Make the trap say aye!

  4. Bubble Loo- Back door Santa is the jam. Will have to post them shits next year. Where's my mix at fool?