Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Compulsive Gamblers

Memphis greasy garage-punk veterans the Compulsive Gamblers debuted in '95 with their first full release album on Sympathy For the Record Industry titled Gambling Days Are Over. This group contained Greg Cartwright and Jack Yarber who went on to form the Oblivians. For all of you The Wire junkies out there, check out this cover of Tom Waits "Way Down In The Hole" off the album. It contains a killer organ along with the Gamblers' gritty style. I'm also including a couple more tracks off the album, "Dead Waltz" and "Devil In My Back Pocket." The Compulsive Gamblers would eventually re-unite after the collapse of the Oblivians is '97 to release a couple more albums, Bluff City in '99 and Crystal Gazing Luck Amazing in 2000 on the same label.

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