Saturday, January 2, 2010

Glass Candy/Chromatics

Figured I should post some local Portland shit, so for all of you outside Portland that haven't heard these two bands here's a couple tracks from both the Chromatics and Glass Candy. These two sister bands are both on the label Italians Do It Better, the album above is a great comp titled After Dark which is a great introduction to all the bands on the label. The aptly titled After Dark is usually when I play these smooth synthy dance tracks, I apologize to all of you who had to listen to the Chromatics' "Running Up That Hill" over and over again- I couldn't get enough of it last year. This track will seep into your brain for months. Next is "Hands in the Dark" by the Chromatics which is a cover of Dark Day. The two Glass Candy tracks are "Miss Broadway" and "Digital Versicolor."

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  1. ha wow that song... played 5 today times without trying. thanks!