Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lightnin' Hopkins

The king of Texas blues, Lightnin' Hopkins recorded over 50 albums over a career that spanned nearly forty years. Lightnin' had an uncanny ability to improvise on stage and sang with a grittiness unlike any of his peers. He also had a huge distrust with the recording industry, he would demand money upfront before ever recording a note. This led to many licensing problems resulting in many of his same tracks winding up on different collections under many different titles. The 1960 acoustic track "Bring Me My Shotgun" is one of my favorite blues songs of all time, Lightnin' describes shooting his woman because of her infidelities. A hardcore song to say the least, Lightnin's slowed down country blues style also resonates within his electric blues guitar track "A Man Like Me is Hard to Find." A true blues master of both acoustic and electric guitar, check him out.

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