Friday, February 5, 2010

Irma Thomas

Raw soul straight out the NOLA. It wouldn't be proper to mention Nawlins without the Queen of New Orleans soul- Irma Thomas. Her early work, especially the songs she recorded with New Orleans legend Allen Toussaint, is some of the best 60's soul cuts ever produced. Irma's style has never been duplicated, but many of her songs have. "Ruler of My Heart" from '63 is a timeless classic, it has been covered by Otis Redding (Pain in My Heart) to Holly Golightly. I'm also posting "Time Is On My Side" which was covered by that little known band called the Rolling Stones. "It's Raining" is another gem that Troussaint produced, sit back and feel this shit. This is what you call real music. Enjoy.

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  1. toussaints' solo shit is worth lookin for too, btw. go blazers.