Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Misunderstood

Along with the 13th Floor Elevators, this band has much of the credit for being one of the creators of psychedelic rock. The story of the Misunderstood is troubling, they were split up at the height of their success due to the Vietnam War draft. Originally out of California, the band moved to London in '66 to be managed by John Peel. They recorded only 7 songs and then had to return to the States. This album released by Cherry Red Records out of the UK titled Before The Dream Faded in '92 is a definitive listen of the band's early stuff, with a combination of the 7 songs they recorded in London and the 5 songs they recorded in the States before they left in '65. The last five tracks on the compilation were recorded in the States. The blues influence coupled with some of the first steel guitar fuzz tone and distortion still sounds killer- apparently these guys were also known for their ground-breaking psychedelic live shows in '66 London. Here's the album- play real loud and enjoy. A Must Have.

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