Monday, March 29, 2010

Marc Bolan

Mostly known as the front man for T-Rex, Marc Bolan is considered one of the originators of glam/boogie rock. Besides his sometimes overlooked great work with T-Rex, Bolan also made some solo albums and was a member of John's Children and then the folk duo Tyrannosaurus Rex before evolving into T-Rex. I recently had Justyn and Kevin drop me some Bolan, Kevin recommended his solo album from '74 The Beginning of Doves and Justyn gave me the track "The Lilac Hand of Menthol Dan" during Bolan's brief stint with John's Children in '67. The Beginning of Doves was a departure for Bolan at the time he created it, it's a bluesy-folk album with South American influences. I suggest picking up the album if possible, especially after hearing the track "Beyond the Rising Sun" which can be downloaded below. Thanks for these tracks furls.


  1. Hey dude. Love yer blog of course, but i gotta be a dick for a second. First of all, His name is spelled Marc Bolan (not Bolen), and after he left John's Children in late 1967, he started Tyrannosaurus Rex, an acoustic cosmic folk duo. It wasnt until 1970 after a lineup change, that he plugged back in and started to boogie and they became the glam wizards known as T-Rex. Boo Ya. - Wyld Chyld

  2. Thanks Wyld Chyld, was really hungover and rushed while writing- I'll fix the misspellings. This was meant to be a look into Bolan's other work besides T-Rex, nothing else. You should be my editor for this blog, I definitely need one. Now go hug yourself. Love, Furl