Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gil-Scott Heron

The legendary poet, jazz-funk-soul pioneer Gil-Scott Heron is in Portland tonight for a gig at the Aladdin. Gil just released his new album I'm New Here a couple months back, firm evidence that he's still tapping into the social consciousness of the streets and himself. The first time I heard this shit it blew my mind, check out the video for his new track "Me And The Devil" here. Words can't describe the passion and influence Gil has produced in his music over the years, so I'm giving a couple of albums and tracks for your ears. Here's the full album Pieces of A Man from '71 along with his classics "The Bottle" and "Winter In America" with Brian Jackson on flute. Next is his new album I'm New Here. Enjoy.
Pieces of a Man
I'm New Here

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