Friday, April 2, 2010

Underground Disco Vol. 1

Yeah, that's right... Disco on Furltracks. Before you stop following this blog after this post, let me persuade you to check this mix out. I've stumbled across most of these tracks over the years accidentally with each one grabbing my attention at first listen. This mix is a listen into the underground disco scene over the last 30+ years. I guess I could label most of these tracks post-disco, but I'm not into labels. I could also say that most of these tracks have had a huge influence on hip-hop and electronic artists, but all of these tracks can stand on their own. This is a mix of dope clap beats, new and old synthy joints, space jams and plain weird shit that's a great soundtrack for a late night blown-out dance shindig. This mix travels to France, Italy, New York, and Chi-town to make you dance:

Artifical Intelligence- Nite Jewel
Cosmic Daddy- Venus Gang
Space Bass- Slick
Roman Photo- Ruth
Yellow Sunshine- Yellow Sunshine
Get Down Boy- Paper Doll
Atmosphere Strut- Cloud One
Lost Angeles- Giorgio Moroder
Dance- ESG
New York Moving- Ahzz
I Hear Music In The Streets- Unlimited Touch
Funky Stuff- Lizzy Mercier Descloux
The Rock- East Coast
"H" Friend- Black Devil
Your Love Is In The Pocket- Premonition
Rock Candy- Weeks & Co.
Last Nite A DJ Saved My Life- Mirage
In the Bush- Musique
Go Bang!- Dinosaur L
Is it All Over My Face- Loose Joints


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