Thursday, May 20, 2010

Arthur Verocai

Finally getting around to posting this gem, I picked it up a couple years back and didn't give it much of a listen until recently. Now I can't stop listening to this unique Brazilian masterpiece. Composer, producer, and guitar player Arthur Verocai's one and only self-titled album from '72 plays like a 70's film soundtrack capturing funk, jazz, psychedelic, and organic electronic styling within its ten tracks. As I began researching more about Verocai, I came to realize he arranged one of my favorite Brazilian bands O Terco's first album and played a major part in the development of Brazilian music. Then, to no suprise, super crate digger Egon of Stones Throw wrote a piece about Verocai on NPR Music which can be read here. The tracks "Presente Grego" and "Na Boca do Sol" are definite standouts, but the track "Caboclo" is my personal favorite- the smooth organic psychedelic synths capture me every time I hear it. This album comes to you in perfect time for summer, play this while your outside on the porch lampin', a definite must have. Enjoy...

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