Monday, May 17, 2010

Madlib's "Meltdown"

Now that I've had time to decompress and articulate probably the worst DJ performance I've ever seen, I've got one question: Who fed Madlib mushrooms before his set? The enigmatic producer, MC, audiophile and supposed DJ who has given us an endless collection of dope beats probably as deep as his heralded record collection lost it on stage in Portland the other night. He had to have been high as a Georgia Pine, considering his set went completely silent for at least 5 minutes half-way through as he turned his back on the sold out crowd when he was fumbling through his records. It was awkward to say the least, it was so quiet in the Someday Lounge you could hear a rat pissing on cotton. As he attempted to come back to reality he did play a couple new tracks from his new Madvillian project that sounded dope, but then he would denounce the shit to the crowd stating: "I hate this shit, I'm never, ever, ever, putting this shit out." Witnessing someone this high on stage was well worth the price of admission, and trust me I've seen people really fucked up on stage- but nothing like this. By the time Clark and I were leaving we were laughing so hard I almost shit, this was when we labeled it the "Madlib Meltdown." This meltdown only heightened my love for Madlib, I caught a glimpse of his eccentric style that produces some of the best shit in hip-hop and beyond. We're going to take it back with one of his finest works Shades of Blue:Madlib Invades Blue Note that is essential listening if you've never heard it. He was given the key to the best jazz label's master tracks to make beats, and does he ever. His latest project to release 12 albums in 12 months started in January, his third installment Medicine Show No. 3: The Beat Konducta In Africa which dropped in March is an instant classic. I'll be posting it soon. Enjoy...
Steeping Into Tomorrow

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  1. What a disaster, kinda amazing though. It reminds me of a time I was at warehouse after party for a hip hop show, and gift of gab and aceyalone were freestyling...they were screaming into the mic and shouting stuff like 'fuck all of you, I hate all of you'. Meltdown is the perfect term for it. Wish I coulda seen it.