Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It's been a while since I've posted some novelty tomfoolery, so prepare for the 1970 debut self-titled album by Attila- the two-piece band of Jon Small and Billy Joel. Yes, that's right, the "Piano Man" and "We Didn't Start The Fire" Billy Joel. It's hard to imagine and almost comforting to know that Billy wasn't always completely lame, that is to say if you like ridiculous Hammond B3 organ trading with heavy drums and psychedelic riffs. Billy has labeled this album "Psychedelic Bullshit" which has only intensified my love for it, apparently he has tried to stop all production of the album and deny it's existence. This upsets me considering this the best work he has ever done- by far. The story gets even better, Attila broke up because Billy ran off with Small's wife. So even if Billy wants to run from his roots of being as I like to call him the "psychedelic butcher," (what the fuck is up with the meat all over the album cover?) don't be afraid to listen to this little sordid piece of rock history. By the way, it's pretty fucking good all things considered. Highlights include "Brain Invasion" and "Wonder Woman." Enjoy...
Only The Good Die Young

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  1. Thank you so much ... this album is awesome!!! I listen it 20 years ago for so much years and I never find it .. probably the best work of Billy Joel