Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Finally after a 20 year hiatus, the De-Evolution is back with their 9th studio album Something For Everybody released yesterday. This is the retail version which is available in stores, while their other experimental "Song Study Version With Fan Favorites" 12 track version is only available on itunes. The two albums differ only by four tracks since there were only 17 to chose from. It's silly to say the least, but I don't really give a shit- whatever they decide to do is fine with me considering it's impossible for Devo to fuck up in my eyes. So I've taken the liberty to include their single "Watch Us Work It" which was released a couple years back that's only available on the itunes version. Now if that wasn't confusing enough for you, the album is little heavier and almost industrial in many aspects- but it's growing on me since yesterday. "Fresh," "Sumthin'," and "Cameo" are my initial highlights, but that's the beauty of Devo- they grow on you like a fungus. So put this in your earholes and let me know what you think...
Don't Shoot(I'm A Man)

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