Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Helene Smith

While most people would consider Betty Wright the queen of Miami soul, let's not forget about the contributions of one of my favorite soul singers Helene Smith. This album Helene Smith Sings Sweet Soul (1964-1972) is a collection of her rare passionate ballads and soul burners. Her ability to capture both power and passion on top of her producers deep-soul sometimes funky cuts puts her among the best underrated singers of the period. Highlights include "I'm Controlled By Your Love" and "Willing And Able," two simply arranged harmonized love tracks which still remain the wifey's and my favorite songs to listen to together. Anyway, if you like old soul- this album is essential...
Thrills And Chills

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  1. Yo Furl, I'm having problems with the rar files. I cant get that shit in my itunes. what am I doing wrong? Who is texasss