Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Willie and the Bumblebees

I Have taken a brief hiatus from the blog since I've been out of town, now I'm revitalized and ready to bring some serious shit- Minnesota shit that is. Willie and the Bumblebees' release Honey From the Bee is a giant pot mixed with jazz, blues, R'n'R, and even some reggae ingredients to create a unique blend of weird northern funk. These furls also possess a good sense of humor which can be heard in the tracks "After My Hard On Is Gone" and "Spill That Gravy," but the true highlights are the title track, "Shoot Straight" and "Dipstick." Dig up that old-school feeling you miss and let the Bumblebees in, you won't be disappointed...
Honey From the Bee

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  1. As a Minnesota native it's nice to see some Twin Cities-based funk.

    It should be noted that a couple of the tracks on this album appear on a just-released compilation called "Twin Cities Funk & Soul: Lost R&B Grooves From Minneapolis/St. Paul 1964-1979"