Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Budos Band

Here's the '05 debut self-titled album of Staten-Island's The Budos Band, the 10-piece Afro-beat soul instrumental outfit of Daptone Records. The band refers to their style as "Afro-soul" due to the undercurrents of Ethiopian soul mixed with some sweet 60s stuff sprinkled on top. Due to the older horns and instruments they use this album could of been made in the 60s due to its lo-fi sound. In other words this is very original shit and it is jammin'- I just picked up tickets to their show on Sept. 3rd in Portland, so I suggest you do the same if you're around. Highlights include "Up From The South" and "Sing A Simple Song" which is a cover of the Noble Nights. Budos' second album Budos Band II is equally as good if not better, I'll be posting it eventually along with their new album Budos Band III which is dropping on August 10th...
Ghost Walk

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  1. This shit is bomb. Hard to sit still in the cube while listening. Wish i could make the show.