Thursday, July 29, 2010

Crunk Junk Vol. 5

Here's the latest edition of the Crunk Junk series for all you fiends out there. I've always posted these mixes mainly for people I work with and a few other furls, but it seems they're being downloaded just as much as everything else on the blog- go figure. So I've decided to post them with full playlist listings and some insight into the highlights of each mix. I've been putting these mixes together going on about 4 years to listen to in the kitchen (work), we used to have competitions on who could find the most ridiculous underground hip-hop tracks. From this spawned a full fledged addiction like fiends on crack- I collect all the new leaks off mixtapes and compile my favorites to make these mixes. Usually these mixes are filled with the usual suspects who sell beats like dope, putting out new shit almost weekly. This includes OJ, Gucci and Three 6 who never fail to deliver. Vol. 5 also brings us a strong return of that furl Project Pat with the club track "Dreads Shakin' Wild As Hell" and a killer remix of "Burglar Bars." Here's the playlist along with Juicy J's tag line: "Play me some pimpin' mane!"

Bricks, Ounces, Dueces- OJ Da Juiceman & Mook
Imma Get It- Paul Wall Feat. Bun B, Kid Sister
Fill My Cup- G. Chill ft. Supa Villain
Midget- OJ da Juiceman
Makin' Plays- Frayser Boy, Gucci Mane & Criminal Manne
Popin and Chiefin- Screwww
Burnt Orange- OJ Da Juiceman
Blow Me A Stack- Juicy J
Dreads Shaking Wild As Hell- Project Pat
Hoe Pulla- Juicy J, Project Pat & V Slash
20, 40- OJ Da Juiceman
Texas Gangsta- DJ Screw
Get It In- Tity Boi
What Ya Doing- Dre day
Middle Of Da Club- Jackie Chain
Ga Damn I Need Some Money- Juicy J
Vampire- Gucci Mane & Trina
Bet Yo Bankroll- Yo Yo Munie & Juicy J
Burglar Bars (Remix)- Project Pat

Vol. 5

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