Tuesday, August 3, 2010

God Less America

Since its compilation week I figured it would be a crime not to post this album in it's entirety. This is by far one of my favorite comps of all time, a slew of super obscure country tracks put together by Crypt Records titled God Less America: Country&Western fer all ye Sinners' n' Sufferers, 1955 - 1966. I've already posted a couple tracks off this comp back when I wasn't posting full albums, so now you can enjoy this puppy all the way through. Every track evokes the dark side of country livin'- murder, alcohol and drug abuse, having a stripper for a mother and just plain strange shit. Not only are the lyrics entertaining, but all the sounds and production are even better. This one is not to be missed ya' hear...
It's Nothing To Me


  1. Yo. This shit is amazing. What an insane collection. Lovin it.

  2. great musics very dramatic

  3. It's Nothing To Me is the best! That is because it's Lee Hazelwood's alias HARRY JOHNSON😂😂😂