Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Mirrors

Finally back after the move of death, picked up some good old records on the voyage through the desolate parts of the country though. Mostly old outlaw country and a couple surprises, but I saved today's record for my first post after the long hiatus. For the probably five of you who are still attempting to follow this blog, I apologize for the lack of warning I wouldn't be posting for a couple of weeks- now fuck off. Yada,yada- keep sending me music, I'm still here! Moving on, today's post is a recently pressed almost "best of" compilation of Cleveland's The Mirrors on Violet Times Records. I first heard the Mirrors on the classic Cleveland compilation Those Were Different Times released in '97 which was a sampling of three Ohio bands between '73-'76 who would later evolve into the iconic punk and new wave bands such as Pere Ubu and The Dead Boys. These three bands were The Electric Eels, Styrenes, and this band- The Mirrors. The Mirrors instantly gripped me with their jangly, Velvet Underground sound, but the band is way more than that- their slow lo-fi experimental sound grasps everything psych bands since have attempted to emulate. If you don't believe me check out "Annie." For the first time the bulk of their best stuff (they only recorded from '74-75) is captured on the vinyl Something That Would Never Do for our listening enjoyment. Only 800 copies exist apparently, so I suggest picking this up quickly if you like. For those of you in Portland, I did see a copy at Mississippi Records a while back for only $18. It's nice to be back, stay tuned and enjoy...
Cheap and Vulgar

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  1. hey, there's no "the" in "Mirrors" - those are different bands than the Cle legends. Mirrors LP is out of print but you can check out a a very cool stop motion vid by the Violet Times art dept. & buy other records by Mirrors, Styrenes, etc. here while supplies last: