Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Leaving Trains

Just picked up The Leaving Train's third album Fuck on vinyl which is a great album, but probably not as good as their second Kill Tunes from '86. Way more punk than their first release Well Down Blue Highway in '84, this album could be described as Gun Club meets Circle Jerks circa mid 80s. The Leaving Trains had a revolving line-up throughout their history but was formed by the cross-dressing crazy-ass front man Falling James Moreland who I'm sure you've heard of. I'll save the research for you. This album also has a couple good morbid ballads if you're into that kind of thing with "Warning Track" and "Kinette," but tracks such as "A Drunker Version of You" and their Saints' cover "Private Affair" make the album. Here's a feeler "Cigarette Model" below along with the full album, it's hard to understand why this band didn't blow-up back in the 80s...


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