Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kool Keith

Christmas has came early, I forgot I had this mix of Kool Keith tracks that I made a couple years back- so I'm now giving it to you. A perfect soundtrack to your holiday season equipped with the best Matthew has to offer. Kool Keith has made around roughly 36 albums, and 16 are represented on this mix. As most of you know KK has went under many different aliases over the span of his career, changing between the mostly three styles of Dr. Dooom, Dr. Octagon and Kool Keith. Some of you may have never heard The Cenobites before, the album Keith and The Godfather Don made shortly after the Ultramagnetic MC's disbanded- it's really good. Dr. Octagonecologyst and Sex Style are easily my favorite albums, but throughout his extensive catalog lies some off the wall and great shit, especially his early work. Now you can be both naughty and nice this Christmas just like the two sides of Kool Keith. Ho, Ho, Ho Bitches and enjoy:

Sex Style- Kool Keith Sex Style
Drugs- Kool Keith Spankmaster
Lost in Space- Kool Keith Black Elvis/Lost in Space
Earth People- Dr. Octagon Dr. Octagonecologyst
Kool Keith Housing Things Ultramagnetic MC's Critical Beatdown
I Run Rap-Dr. Dooom First Come First Served
Souped Up- Masters Of Illusion Kutmasta Kurt Presents Masters Of Illusion
So Bad- Analog Brothers Pimp To Eat
Lex Lugor- Kool Keith & Godfather Don The Cenobites
Break U Off- Kool Keith Diesel Truckers
Blue Flowers- Dr. Octagon Dr. Octagonecologyst
Bionic Fuse- Mr. Nogatco Nogatco Rd.
Apartment 223- Dr. Dooom First Come First Served
Keep It Real... Represent What?- Kool Keith Sex Style
Diamond District- Kool Keith Project Polaroid
Watch Me Now- Ultramagnetic MC's Critical Beatdown
Halfsharkalligatorhalfman- Dr. Octagon Dr. Octagonecologyst
Do Not Disturb- Dr. Dooom Dr. Dooom 2
Kick A Dope Verse- Kool Keith & Godfather Don (feat. Bobbito) The Cenobites
I'm Seein' Robots- Kool Keith Black Elvis/Lost in Space
Diamonds- Kool Keith Matthew
Aliens- Dr. Octagon The Return Of Dr. Octagon
Talk To The Romans- Kool Keith Project Polaroid
Welfare Love- Dr. Dooom First Come First Served
Get Off My Elevator- Kool Keith Sex Style

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  1. represent what? don't cook me biscuits and eggs, I want to marry you. Kool Keith, Ultramagnetic, go hard!