Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mikey's Furl Tracks Mix

Just got a present in the mail from my main man Mikey who always brings the heat, three mixes of obscure soul, punk and garage. I love getting music in the mail- it was like Christmas morning today, a bunch of new shit to play with. Here's the mix he made especially for the blog, a killer mix of old punk/garage with bands such as Silver Chalice, Death and the Afrika Korps. This is why trading mixes is the best, I've never heard San Diego's The Penetrators before, and the track "Warlord" is a fucking rad rocking, gritty jam and probably my favorite on the mix. Man, when I come across bands like this I think: Holy shit how have I never heard this before? And: I've been living without this in my rotation for how long? Pure inspiration to always keep diggin', always new stuff out there to find. Thanks again Mikey, expect something in the mail here eventually- good luck with the new gig and enjoy the crib. All right, time to crack open a Tecate and get down to this...

Livin' Downtown- The A.D.'s
Jailbait Janet- Afrika Korps
Scam- Corpse Grinders
Politicians In My Eyes- Death
Fallout Shelter- Dennis Most and the Instigators
Talking In My Sleep- The Discreet Doll Band
Cry Real Tears- Gizmos
I'm Sure We're Gonna Make It- Ivy Green
Screwed Up- Menace
Warlord- Penetrators
Wasted- Silver Chalice
Hit and Run- Satanic Rites

Oh yeah, I just couldn't resist- It was the best Halloween costume of the year, way better than our "ZZ Topless."

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