Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Earth and Fire

Finally back online, been busy lately with work and whatnot, but now it's time for a little taste of heavy Dutch proggy goodness. Yes, that's right, Earth and Fire's '70 S/T debut. Think Shocking Blue but heavier with a prog twist. Rad! Wyld Chyld recommended the first track on the album "Wild and Exciting" which is very aptly titled. A titanic heavy riff with crazy prog changes and great vocals from lead singer Jerney Kaagman. I then soon discovered how good the whole album was and just had to post it, considering this all I've been listening to the last week. Here's "Wild and Exciting" for you to hear below, then the obvious next step is to download the rest of the album below that. Oh yeah, the album also includes nine bonus tracks! Enjoy...

Vivid Shady Land


  1. Yeah Furl! Check out the albums Atlantis, and Songs of the Marching Children as well! These guys are pretty dope. Heard them late last summer from Danny at FOTM and have been lookin for that shit ever since. Finally it took freakin Ebay, a sketchy downloaded single and a burned discography from Danny to get all that shit!

  2. boo ya! go Blazers, and oh yeah this be Wyld Chyld here.