Friday, January 20, 2012

Black Metal

Huh, well I guess that was a movie about black metal, but it wasn’t really.  It was more so a movie about church burnings I guess.  I don’t really care about church burnings.  Arson is bad, sure, but I don’t see churches as much more than buildings, and if nobody's inside then, well, it’s not that big of a deal.

The movie features some prominent figures in Black Metal and gives a good foundation to understanding it as a misinterpreted type of music, or at least it clearly wasn’t Satanic.  I don’t really know why the churches were burned, I guess it was a rejection of Christianity and cheers to rejecting it and making a statement.

It’s interesting how the media perpetuated the whole thing, creating this ‘brand’ as Eponymous puts it.

Unfortunately the movie doesn’t really get into the music at all, no live footage, no crazy shit on stage, there’s no real connection between the content of the music and the people.  No explanation is really given to what the music is and where it comes from.  I guess that’s what I was looking for and got a bunch of info about arson.

It’s all good though, kinda interesting but I would have really liked some more nuts and bolts so to speak.  That and some on stage animal sacrifice.  Then it’d been pretty damn good.

Although there is a suicide scene which looks pretty goddam real.

Thats all


  1. just watched this last week.

    led to some awesome sample finds!


  2. Nice one! Thx for reading...