Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Holy shit Anvil

Alright, time for a real post.

Herro, everybody, I gotta start by apologizing for any typos b/c I'm typing today through a massive hangover, a late night full of Thai food, Bombay G+Ts, and lots of Tiger beer.  Today it's time for a real movie, it's time for motherfuckin Anvil.  The first two posts here were more or less historical documents, I posted them b/c they’re noteworthy or whatever.  But Anvil, holy shit.

This is a movie you have to see.  Have you heard of Anvil?  Yes, no, maybe so?  Shit I hadn’t, but after watching this flick I’m sure I’ll never forget them.  

Anvil is a Canadian Metal band, they were popular in the eighties along with all the other bands featured in Decline part 2, they are in fact regarded as one of the original metal bands, having a major influence over the whole scene.  The thing is, after a brief period in the spotlight, something didn’t work out and they quickly faded into obscurity.

But they have never stopped playing shows or recording albums.  This movie, filmed in 2008 follows this ancient rock band on their final push to really become rock stars by recording their 13th album and touring Europe.  You’ve gotta check it out, you'll laugh, you'll cry and you'll wish you'd have actually bought the DVD if you are a pirate.

One further note, Anvil's second label 'Hypnotic Records' was formed by the then-manager of the greatest band of all, Helix.


  1. Hey no worries, he's still runnin the show, I'm more like a sideshow, giving selective commentary, as it were...enjoy :)