Thursday, April 5, 2012

Preston Love

Feelin' some home cookin' tonight so here's some funk straight from my home state. Preston Love's Omaha BAR-B-Q is 9 tracks of pure instrumental funk to satisfy any furl's taste buds. Love was raised in North Omaha before moving to LA and recording this rare album on Kent with Shuggie Otis in '69. He went on to be the west coast bandleader and saxophone session musician for Motown Records recording with everyone from the Temptations to the Four Tops. You can't talk about Nebraska music unless you're speaking of Mr. Love. This is by far one of my favorite album covers and tracklists of all time. Here's the tracklist, album and the groove "Cool Ade" for a feeler.

1. Chicken Gumbo
2. Chili Mac
3. Cream Dream
4. Neck Bones
5. Cool Ade
6. Omaha Bar-B-Que
7. Hoe Cakes And Sorghum
8. Shuggie's Chittlin' Blues (Shuggie's Boogie)
9. Pot Likker

Omaha B-B-Q

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