Saturday, November 21, 2009

Charlie Feathers

I have been experiencing some technical difficulties with my piece of shit computer, resulting in a missed post yesterday. Hopefully I can make it up to you by switching it up a little bit with some classic rockabilly by none other than Charlie Feathers. I have always had a deep appreciation for Feathers, his unique style of dark twangy hick-up induced rockabilly has not received the credit it deserves- he was relatively unknown before his track "That Certain Female" appeared in Kill Bill Vol. 1 back in 2001. Feathers started at the infamous Sun Records as a session musician until releasing the single "Defrost Your Heart" in 1956. He then signed with King records where he did probably his best work, going on to record music until 1993. I've included a couple of my favorite tracks from Charlie, including "I Can't Hardly Stand It" which you may recognize- the Cramps covered it on their album Bad Music For Bad People way back in '84.

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