Monday, November 23, 2009

Da Wyld Chyld

Big ups to that super furl Wyld Chyld for this next installment of tracks, he slapped me across the face with this 60+ mad mix playlist, a genuine effort indeed. Rumor has it he was extremely intoxicated at the time he made it, which only makes it that much better- a true variety of obscure and ridiculous dopeness. As I sort through all of this shit, I've selected a couple of tracks that caught me right off the bat, the rest will be posted later. We start off with a track from Johnny Kidd and the Pirates titled "Shakin All Over." This 1960 British garage classic contains one of the best opening guitars ever. The next two tracks are psychedelic acoustics: Rodriguez with "Sugar Man," off his debut Cold Heat in '70 and Donovan with "Hurdy Gurdy Man," the title track off his album in '68. I finish with the Devil's Anvil heavy sitar jam "Wala Dai," a bouncy dance track off Hard Rock From the Middle East in '67. Really good shit. Way to bring the ice cold heat banger, you really topped yourself this time.

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  1. word turd. keep the fires burnin!- wyld chizzyld