Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lil' Patches

The following entry is straight out the archives of Drayton Sawyer, or as I know him-Lil' Patches. It wouldn't be fitting not include Lil' Patches theme song on his first post, so I've thrown in Clarence Carter's classic "Patches" to kick things off. This mix of chunky metal and soul has no fillers, but I can't get it all on one post, so I've taken the liberty of choosing five tracks that represent nicely. First is a gritty soul track by Johnny Mae Mathews entitled "That's When it Hurts," a slow burner that sounds very similar to Wendy Rene. The next two tracks are 70's British bands, one glam rock track by Be Bop Deluxe entitled "Axe Victim," headed by guitarist, artist, and always theatrical Bill Nelson. The next track is by the prog-rock, heavy Wishbone Ash called "Runaway." They achieved decent success in England during the mid 70's, but never really broke out in the States. The fifth track is some new sludge metal from Wino entitled "Silver Lining" off the album Punctuated Equilibrium released early this year. Finally, the last track is my favorite, it comes from a local Portland band Purple Rhinestone Eagle. Thanks for the good work Patches, HUH!

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  1. Sweet! thanks for including me in your awesome new blog, your doin a killer job furl!