Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Turtles?

I was at a random house party three or four years ago, when this 45 was played. It was an amazing piece of fuzzy, surfy, funky organ, 60's garage that I had never heard before. Very curious, I asked the guy spinning who it was, and he replied, "The Turtles." I replied, "You mean, the "So Happy Together" Turtles?" I thought he was completely full of shit and just being a prick, so I left it at that. I randomly came across the track while online earlier, and sure as shit it was the Turtles. Apparently they were a bunch of funky wasted surf cats before their eventual lameness, this track "Buzz Saw" rips and jumps off the vinyl- play it real loud.


  1. Wow, The Turtles!? It's great, nice find!`

  2. Thats funny! I heard this track being spun at a party about 10 years ago and said the exact same thing to the dj! Couldnt remember the name of the song until now! Love it! -justyn

  3. Unreal! This is the best blog ever. Gold-fuckin-mine.