Monday, December 7, 2009

Harry Johnson

Crypt Records put out the compilation album God Less America: Country&Western fer all ye Sinners'n'Sufferers, 1955-1966 in 1995. As the title suggests, this comp has exactly what it describes- the best strange, outlaw, and just plain fucked up underground country tracks from '55-'66. Every track is worth a listen, I will be posting most of them in the future when I receive another copy from Drew who introduced me to the rest of this album earlier this year. I can't remember how I received this track by Harry Johnson titled "It's Nothing to Me," but it has quickly became one of my favorite country tunes of all time, which is why I'm posting it separate from the rest of the album. I couldn't find any information on Harry Johnson besides his funny name which makes this track that much better. The track is about a random "buddy" at the bar being shot for hitting on a quick tempered man's girl that contains Harry's monotone voice, low production quality, gun shots, and a wicked guitar- a perfect recipe for a real outlaw country song.

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