Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sniff 'N' the Tears

Here's some midweek fire, one of my guiltiest pleasures-the soft but not to soft new wave of the UK's Sniff 'N' the Tears. This party track "Driver's Seat" contains all the stereotypes of a late 70's early 80's d-bag smooth rock- the cheesy backup singers, the ridiculous guitar solo, and the decadent lyrics. Fickle Heart was released in '78 and went on to achieve decent success in the States. Every once in a while I'll hear "Driver's Seat" on the radio late night, and lose my shit. It's a one hit wonder that's timeless, synths and keyboards over a catchy rhythm guitar that produces something you can't deny you like. I've also thrown in "New Lines on Love" off the album. Hmmm... I wonder what these guys were up to during the making of this album? Check out the album art- pretty tough.

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