Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Old Psych doesn't get much better than this, the 1969 self-titled album by Gandalf. Formally known as the Rahgoos, Capital Records made them change their name to Gandalf after signing a record deal in 1967. The album was released with little press and fell into obscurity until it was re-released in 2002. Great swirling psych guitars and organ freak-outs packed into this baby, here's my favorite off the album "Hang On To A Dream"(check out the organ half way through the track) and a few others: "Can You Travel In The Dark Alone," "Golden Earrings," and "Never Too Far." Much love to Wyld Chyld for this treat, you out there furl?

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  1. Theres a second album out there I'm pretty sure but I have not heard that shit. If you find it, much props if you will post a song or two-JYld Chyld