Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Furltracks Note/Furlo Obscuro Vol. 1

Been kicking around some ideas for the blog, I'm going to try something new. I will follow a rough pattern for daily postings as follows:

Monday: Metal/Prog/Punk
Tuesday: Soul/Funk
Wednesday: Garage/Psych
Thursday: Blues/Country
Friday: Wild Card/Mixes

Weekends have been hectic lately, but I will post if I have time. People have requested many different things so this will hopefully give everyone something at least once a week. Music diversity is important here at furltracks, we'll see if this works. Enough bullshit, here's my first attempt at a mix titled Furlo Obscuro Vol. 1. It contains a little of everything: organ and surf induced freak-outs, garage, funk, soul, and just plain weird shit all pretty much ripped off vinyl. Here's the playlist:

Charge!- Camelots
Loch Ness Monster- King Horror
angie la la- Nora Dean
Shake Your Tail Feather- Five Du-Tones
Sing A Simple Song- The Noble Knights
My 2600- Captain funkaho
On The Go- Leather Boy
Draggin' Around- Saxons
The Green Monster- The Alberto Combo
The Riddler- The Riddler
Shains a Go Go- Los Shains
Come With Me To The Casbah- Ganimian & His Orientals
Dos Guitarras- Los 4 Planetas
Wild Thing- Senator Everett McKinley

Threw this together for the fuck of it, let me know if you like. Don't be a d-bag- leave comments! I have a bunch of these old obscurities I'd like to put to use somehow. It's a zip file so download WINRAR to open it, it's free and takes a couple seconds. Also try to play in sequence. Hope you dig!


  1. Yo Furl, nice work putting up a full mix, listening to it right now...You said to listen in order...but (at least in iTunes) the track numbers are all weird, but it did import with 'Draggin' Around' for the first track...I've made lots of mixes with the sequence well thought out...so yeah.

  2. Thanks furl... Trying to figure out the best way to zip these mixes, will figure it out eventually. If you have any advice, let me know. You can also send them as a giant Mp3 in order, but then you can't split them up. Hey everyone- be like Ted and comment.

  3. Yeah the zip file works really well for this...what you should do is go to your iTunes playlist and change the track number on track...then when others d/l they can see the order. You could change the album title too to the name of the mix but it's cool to have the original names on there. Guess I'll just keep a playlist...dunno

  4. shweet im excited to check this out!
    Mr. furl have you thought about throwin
    a mix together as a single track? it would
    be fun for you to have a simple audio program
    and be able to just lay these tunes out in order... maby even add some little audio clips from movies, or interludes, or fart noizes...

  5. I'm going to try the single track next mix I post.