Monday, July 19, 2010

J.J. Jackson

Finally back after my getaway up to Canada, it's completely understood now that the big country to the north is not quite ready for the furl mentality. Picked up some records on my trip so stay tuned in. Here's the legendary soul belter J.J. Jackson's album But It's All Right! from '66. Mr. Jackson is most known for his northern soul hit "But It's All Right" which was actually recorded in England. It reached #22 on Billboard that year cementing it as a classic soul track. But this is only the tip of what Jackson has to offer, like hits such as "Come And See Me (I'm Your Man)" which will be later covered by the Pretty Things. I'm also throwing in the bonus track "Oo-Ma-Liddi" when he performed with the Jackaels back in the day. I first discovered J.J. on Lux Interior's L.A. famed radio show compilation The Purple Knif Show which I suggest picking up if you haven't yet. Enjoy...
I Dig Girls

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