Monday, October 25, 2010

Loose Values

Heavy hardcore psych madness from my furls in Portland aptly named Loose Values. This demo "Raging Bullshit" from earlier this year sounds like a massive sonic blunt object hitting you on the head while you're tripping on shitty acid. Hence why I like it so much. Great distorted vocals and guitar combined with some killer drumming by the Wyld Chyld creates the savage beast of Loose Values. "Diddy Mau Diddy," "Transdental Medication" and "Food Porn Illness" make me want to lose it, but they all rip equally. Bout time you assholes come play in Austin ehh? Very stoked to be posting this and keep jammin' my furly friends, now get back to work Drew...
Oxycontin Pizza(We Deliver)

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  1. Fuck yeah. Drew had a talent show/b day party that will go down in history, if you haven't already heard Ass'staches...what? Huh! Delayed my leaving yet again. FTW