Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Red Fang

Feelin' a tad bit homesick today, nothing to cry about- just a great excuse to post one of Portland's best local bands Red Fang. Every time I hear this fucker it takes me back home, they were just in Austin right down the street at Trophy's and I missed them due to prior bullshit obligations. Their S/T album from last year will fuck your world up, they sound like Sabbath, The Melvins and Motorhead all wrapped into one heavy, fast and punishing album. Check out their rad video for "Prehistoric Dog" filmed in Portland here. For those who were wondering what it was like to live in Portland, this video is a good introduction- heavy alcohol consumption, LARPers, and parks. Oh yeah, did I mention they also did a killer cover of Dust's "Suicide" that could be easily listened to and downloaded below? Enjoy...

Good To Die

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