Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lucifer's Friend

Just pulled this one out of the archives and have been crankin' it up all day, the heavy dark mastery of Germany's Lucifer's Friend S/T debut album from '70. One listen below to the first track "Ride In The Sky" and you'll know what I mean. Call it progressive, doom or just straight up heavy metal- it doesn't matter, these guys were on to something back in '70. If you recognize the vocalist and can't quite think of who it is, your probably right- it's John Lawton who later went on to join Uriah Heep in '76. Love me some Heep, "Easy Livin" is the shit. Lucifer's Friend went on to make some pretty shitty albums, but this album has with stood the test of time and is very underrated. Anyway, have a listen and tell me if it's as rad as I think it is. Play loud and enjoy...

Toxic Shadows

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