Wednesday, September 22, 2010

White Hills

Postings have been sporadic due to the constant pleasures of moving my shit, which as many of you know is a huge pain in the dick. I fucking hate moving, it has officially became my least favorite thing to do. So what do I do to cure this seemingly endless battle of packing? Blast heavy psych mindfuckery that's what. Enter the '07 debut Heads On Fire by White Hills, a neo-psychedelic outfit that's single handily attempting to resurrect the styles of speed-induced Hawkwind psychedelia. Fueled by distorted bass, synthesizers and long fuzz guitar solos, these New Yorkers don't fuck around. Enter this wall of sonic sound, you won't be disappointed...
Don't Be Afraid

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Juan De La Cruz

Can't get enough of this band right now, here's the second album from early Pilipino rockers Juan De La Cruz band Himig Natin from '73. This album is more blues influenced than their debut, but they add some real special shit especially with the track "I Wanna Say Yeah" which is by far my favorite track right now. The intro lyrics: Get drunk all day/Get down all night... Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I wanna say YEAH!!! Perfect soundtrack to my life right now- don't be a shitwit, grab this now. Enjoy...
Shake Your Brain

Monday, September 13, 2010


Still recovering from the blast-off I received by the hands of the legendary cult doom-stoner rockers Sleep Saturday night in Portland. I enjoyed what I remember anyway. They sounded so fucking good in fact that I'm posting Sleep's EP Volume 2 which was released in '92 after the band's seminal debut Volume One in '91. Only 1,000 copies were made, it has a rad live cover of Sabbath's "Lord of This World" and two early versions of "The Druid" and "Nain's Baptism" that would later appear on Sleep's Holy Mountain in '93. If you've never heard Sleep I suggest picking up their whole discography which is easy to find for fuck's sake. Sludgy psychedelic ear-popping doom, it doesn't get much better than this. Enjoy..
Marijuanaut’s Return

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Indian Jewelry

Just picked up this latest Indian Jewelry album Totaled that was released back in May. These Houston natives were one of my first posts with their album We Are The Wild Beast, and they still remain one of my favorite bands playing right now. This album is full of grimy synth, hard drum beats, and lo-fi distorted vocals which the band labels as "swamp electro" and "nightmare throb." This album also contains seemingly more killer guitar riffs than their last efforts, check out "Lapis Lazuli." Psychedelic synth, I love this shit. Enjoy...
Look Alive

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Os Brazoes

Here's a nice slice of Brazilian psych tropicalia for your minds, this rare album of super fuzzy psych is all over the map while still staying within Brazil's samba traditions. Os Brazoes released this self-titled album in '69 channeling a heavier psychedelic sound than most other native bands of the time in Brazil such as Os Mutantes and Gilberto Gil. There's also a cover of Jorge Ben's "Carolina" who I posted a while back. Time to tune in and let go with this one, enjoy...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

African Fuzz and Funk Vol. 1

Finally threw together a mix of some of my favorite African Fuzz/Funk tracks that I've been listening to lately- I've had these gems on repeat around the house for at least half a year now. I've always been on the fringe of attempting to grasp the amazing amounts of music that comes out of Africa, but it's really intimidating knowing my addictive personality. It's also extremely life-affirming when you discover a whole new genre of music that you never knew existed and have it take over everything your listening to. I've always picked up obscure African funk around the blog-sphere or off compilations, but my new fascination lies with the mid-70s psych fuzz brilliance of Zambia's "Zam-Rock." I first heard Chrissy Zebby Tembo a couple years back which began my quest to find anything else that remotely sounded like it. I then discovered Amanaz which blew my mind along with Witch and The Ngozi Family. Long story short, you should listen to this. Even better is you also have somebody doing all the work for you over in Africa- Brooklyn DJ Frank Gossner has erected the holy mothership of a blog Voodoo Funk which makes my blog look like a fucking piss ant. Frank came up with the idea of traveling all around Africa putting up billboards asking people to sell him their old vinyl resulting in a plethora of un-tapped killer African funk, afro-beat, disco and fuzz/psych. Fucking genius idea, why didn't I think of that? Check out his adventures here and be prepared to put in some time. He's also re-releasing many of the albums that he has found, including the Psychedelic Aliens which everyone is anticipating in October. All right enough blathering, let's get into the music shall we? Here's a small sampling of some stuff I've found, and if you have something you think I'd like- hit me up, enjoy:

Ah! Congo- Orchestre National du Congo
Feeling Good- Chrissy Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family
Bazali Bam- Bazali Bam
Easy Street- Amanaz
05. A5- The Blackfoot
Atate- Ngozi Family
Eté Endénesh Gèdawo- Mèllèssè, Mulugèn
Little Clown- The Witch
Peter Tsotsi, Nashil Pichen & The Equator Sound Band - Pole Musa
History of Man- Amanaz
Khubani- J. K. Mayengani And The Shingwedzi Sisters
Hold On- Ngozi Family
Betchayen Tegodahu- Alemayehu Eschete
Ebeto dabi- Vis-a-Vis
My Ancestors- Chrissy Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family
Oyonko Brebo- African Brothers Dance Band
17. B4- The Blackfoot
Yeqer Mèmèkatesh- Mahmoud Ahmed
Better Change Your Mind- William Onyeabor
Wozani Mahipi- Mahotella Queens
Everything Is Over- Ngozi Family

Hold On it's rapidshare