Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Carter

So at this point, this progression of hiphop posts has gone from highly polished to pretty damn rough with this final post.  The Carter

I just found out this movie existed and I was pretty damn interested to find out what the hell it actually was.  And it’s a fuckin trip.  Wikipedia says it was filmed in Cinéma vérité style, which after looking it up seems about right.  Lil weez actually withdrew his support of the film after it’s second showing.

I got this movie thinking it’d be about Lil Wayne and how you start with straight shots and whatnot.  It’s not.  It’s about this dude who’s always got a blunt in one hand and a styrofoam cup in the other.  He doesn’t drink or do any other drugs, just Purple Drank and ganga...all the time.

He refused to do any interviews directly with the filmmakers, so they just followed him around and got bits and pieces when he’d do other interviews.

The movie kinda drags b/c he’s always twisted on Sirup, speaking verrrryy slooooowwwwllllyyy and never really saying much.  It’s pretty interesting though, he’s constantly recording new tracks, I guess he’s got over 1,000 recorded.  He says he doesn’t write anything, just comes up with hot lines and spits directly from those.

Then there’s the thing about the drank and the friciton it’s caused, so that’s another aspect of the movie.  Overall it wasn’t at all what I thought I’d see, but it was an unprecidented look at a truely strange person.  Check it out.

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