Friday, March 2, 2012

Ramsey Lewis

Posting an old classic since I haven't in a long time. This one never strays to far from me, a perfect sunny day listen you can let ride all the way through. For anyone who hasn't heard Ramsey, check out his vast catalog- he's a pioneer and has made a long career in stretching the possibilities within jazz piano. This record is one of my favorites along with Sun Goddess, Mother Nature's Son from '68 is an all instrumental reworking of select tracks off the Beatles' White Album. He collaborated with famous Cadet/Chess producer/composer Charles Stepney to create a truly amazing record full of both acoustic and electric piano, great funky drum beats and original arrangements. You will recognize every track whether you're a Beatles fan or not, then let these two take you on a ride that keeps steam the whole way through the album. Here's the feeler "Rocky Raccoon" below followed by the rest of the album...

Mother Nature's Son

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